I whole-heartedly believe in the HEALING force of art and creating personalized artwork is one of my greatest passions! I paint with INTENTION and INTUITION to create a one-of-a-kind painting inspired by all the energies you're wanting to attract in your life. The first and most important step of this process is the first layer of the painting, where the canvas is INFUSED with words of your choice. The words eventually get covered up but the INTENTION is set and my hope is that you will FEEL the energy of the words through the canvas. These paintings can be given as gifts for all kinds of special occasions or created just for you as a tool for healing and empowerment. It can be hung in your home, placed by your altar or brought to your office or business to ATTRACT the ENERGY you desire.

How does it work?

  • Time and date to meet at my studio or speak on the phone/Skype (30 mins)
  • An open-hearted discussion about your life and what kind of energies you would like to welcome in
  • Discuss intention or objective of the painting. For example, to bring 'abundance' to my business, 'love' in to my home or 'peace' in the bedroom 
  •  Come up with words and phrases to be infused in the first layer of the painting
  • Decide on size of canvas and where it would be hung
  • Before painting, the canvas and all supplies are smudged to clear out any stagnant energy

Systems I like to work with:

  • THE FOUR ELEMENTS - Earth, wind, air and fire are essential to life. We all have an element based on our zodiac sign. Each element has a different teaching and having a balance of all four in your space can bring harmony. 
  • THE CHAKRAS - We all have 7 main chakras located along the spine extending out the front and back of the body. These are the life force centers, in which energy flows through. Each of the 7 chakras have their own distinct character and relates to an unique aspect of our being. A blocked chakra can often lead to an unbalance in our bodies or mind. 
  • SYMBOLS & IMAGERY - If you feel connected to a certain symbol, I will incorporate it into the painting. Also, during the painting process, imagery and symbols may come up. They always come up for a reason, I will paint it and give you a breakdown of what it means. Often times, these can be your spirit guides/animals. 


The process of meditation and visualization to collaboratively produce a unique piece of artwork was such a spiritual experience for me. The lotus flower and dragonfly bring me peace and grounding and I look to the painting during times of distress and I remember the calm and loving environment that inspired its creation. Erica’s work is inspirational and has a power to heal
— Judith
My partner and I wanted to do something different and special for Christmas so we contacted Erica. We opted for the Personal Healing Painting. After an amazing discussion on what images and words resonated with us, Erica got to work designing and creating our unique custom masterpiece. We were thrilled with the result and now we have a collaborative painting that has deep meaning to us and our relationship that sits over our bed to inspire at the start and finish of each day!
— Leo & Christina
I feel grounded, creative empowered energy from the painting. I feel as though my roots are gently earthing themselves in a fashion that inspires the sensation of being held by Gaia in all her wisdom...
— Caitlin
We are so pleased in what Erica created for us. She went beyond our expectations! She was able to incorporate every detail we wanted in this painting- from the space we wanted the painting to be at, to embedding personal words of wisdom into the painting. I was also amazed of the care she took to package the painting to mail to us. We appreciate how she was able to translate what we wanted perfectly onto the canvas.
— Doris

Additional Details:

  • All paintings are created on 100% Canadian pure cotton canvas and stretched on 1 1/2" deep wooden bars. Framing is available for additional cost
  • Professional grade acrylic paints are used and gloss varnish can be applied on top layer if desired
  • The canvas size can be customized to meet the scale in your home and/or work place
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks for your personal healing painting
  • Pricing is dependant on size, starting at $150 for a 10"x10" painting. Please contact me for further information