Celebrate motherhood with the gift of colourful creativity! 

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Pregnancy is truly a miracle and worth celebrating, why not commemorate the experience with colourful artistic expression? I believe art belongs on things other than a canvas, it should be everywhere - especially on a LIVING canvas. 

My intention is to provide you with a relaxing, comfortable, therapeutic and heart opening experience while softly painting your belly. Working with you, your elemental sign and my intuition, we will collaboratively come up with an image for your belly. The goal is to visually portray the inner beauty of your pregnancy using the power of color and intentional imagery.

I can travel to you (within the Greater Vancouver area) and bring my supplies or I can host you in my private home and accommodate to your comfort levels. We will start the session off by having a discussion about your experience of motherhood. From there, we may pull some oracle cards which can help guide us to come up with the right imagery for your belly. Remember, this is a creative collaboration between, you, your little one and I


How does a Belly Painting session work?

  • Included is a free 15 minute phone consultation. From there, we will choose a date and time to meet.

  • The session can take anywhere from 1.5-2.5 hours.

Do I get any photographs after the session?

  • I will take some photos of you and the artwork after the belly painting session and send them in a file through email (6-10 images) within a day or two. You can also coordinate my service with a professional photographer of your choice and have a more in depth photoshoot session.

What kind of paint do you use?

  • A non toxic, high quality FDA approved body paint. Before the session, I will do skin test for any allergies. The paint also comes off easily with gentle soap and water.

When is the ideal time to get my belly painted?

  • The ideal time is between 6-8 months, or when you feel most comfortable.

Do I sit, stand or lay down?

  • Your comfort is my number one priority. In the past, I've found that laying down is the best option for both parties. However, if you need to stand or sit that is alright too! I will work with whatever position is best for you.

What does it feel like to get painted on?

  • I’ve been told that it tickles a little bit, but not to the point where it is uncomfortable. It has also been described as relaxing and soothing to the belly. There always seem to be a bit of movement in the belly when I’m painting, I believe this is just the baby playing along with me :)

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$150/session which includes a free 15 minute phone consultation and 6-10 digital images of your belly art.

Gift certificates also available.